The Santa Maria di Leuca area provides divesites for every diver, offering two very different sides, the Ionic and Adriatic.

The Ionic side is characterized by a slowly declining sandy bottom. Sting rays and giant tun are common encounters in the sandy area dividing the calcareous formations that form the seabed. Octopuses, eels, lobsters and squills are also to be easily seen.

The Tevfik Kaptan 1 wreck, a turkish merchant ship that sunk the 29th June 2007, lies close to the Torre Vado marina at a depth of approximately 60 ft.. The wreck, which originally was about 260 ft. long, is now split in two, with the bow section straight in navigation asset while the stern fell on the side at an 80° angle. The massive presence of bluefishe attract many hunters like barracudas and amberjacks.

The Adriatic side is characterized by its many walls, which reflects the cliffs of the coastline. Many groupers have here their burrows. Because of the currents that distinguish the area nudibranches are extremely common.

In the bay under the lighthouse, Punta Meliso, a statue of the Virgin Mary was deposited at a depth of about 45 ft., while a little more east you may dive on the wreck of a fishing boat.

Should you decide to visit the seagull cave, an open tunnel that penetrate the cliff for about 150 ft., you will see the shrimps and crabs that use to live in there.

If you are an experienced diver and are certified as a deep or technical diver, you may dive on the Secca del Pisello or on the Red Wall, admiring the red gorgons.

Guided snorkeling

The Leuca area offers many sites for the snorkeling's lovers. If you like wrecks, you might snorkel on the Salt Wreck or the fisherman boat; if you prefer to explore the cliffs and the caves, both seasides offers many intersting solutions.

After the magical moment when my eyes were opened to the sea, I was no longer possible to see, think and live as before.

Jacques Cousteau

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